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After you pass your written exam and have obtained your Maryland learner's permit, you need to log a substantial number of supervised hours behind the wheel. Learners under 25 must drive at least 60 hours.


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Learn everything you need to know to be on the road

To become a good driver, you must learn to feel comfortable and confident. You make split-second decisions every minute on the road, which means not only you must pay close attention, but also you must know in advance what responses are available. That's why Friendly Driving Academy places such a strong emphasis on safe and defensive driving.

Our Students Have a 98% Success Rate. Call 410-788-8200.

If you're 25, you must log only 14 more hours of driving time. But if you don't live with your parents, finding your supervisor can be tough. But Friendly Driving Academy is always just a phone call away.

  • Enjoy your instructor's undivided attention

  • Schedule lessons at times most convenient for you

  • Great rate for expert instruction — ONLY $85 for 2 hours

  • Lessons are optional, so you get to pick what you practice

Get extra practice on defensive driving tactics

  • Signal well in advance of every lane change or turn

  • Practice staying away from other drivers' blind spots

  • Learn the safe distance to maintain behind cars before you

  • Identify your "escape routes" before you actually need them

Perfect the skills needed for your Maryland Driver Skills Test

  • Safe left turns

  • Merging into traffic

  • Smooth braking and starting

  • Backing into parking spaces