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To whom it may concern:


Mr. Nadeem is a very thorough and brief teacher. He taught me how to reverse park correctly, as I did not know how to. He also taught me how to do a 3-point turn, and gave me tips on how I can pass the test. He has a great personality, very friendly, and he definitely knows what he is doing. My best lesson was with Mr. Nadeem. Pure excellence.


- A loyal friendly Driving Academy student.

One thing I loved about friendly driving academy is the stuff they are very helpful and flexible with working around your schedule.


One thing I did not like about friendly driving academy is the prices. They are too high. They need to cut it. LOL


- Ashley!

Things I liked:

Learned a lot about driving procedures I thought I knew but actually didn’t until attending this class. And my loving teacher Mrs. Brown and Ms. Sonia!


- Deontay. 

A good thing that happened while I was here is learning something new that I never know.

One bad thing is the terrible videos.

My mom told me about it because my brother went here.

The front desk lady was awesome and outstanding.    


- Anonymous!

I like everything about this driving school! I recommend this school to people near and far the class was interaction and the teacher catered to everyone. Sonia was very helpful and flexible to your needs. Come to friendly’s at Catonsville and the new office (coming soon)


- Briah Butter

What I like:

The teacher and people that run the school are very understanding and always work with you.


What I don’t like:

The outdated equipment, let’s get rid of the VHS and get DVD’S.


- Tasherira Peterson



What I like about this driving school is that the teachers took their time and patience to help the class understanding about how to drive “do’s & don’ts”


Not like:


I think the driving school should change the “vhs” to an updated type so everyone could understand what we go through driving in our 21st century.


- Tamyra Singleton

1. I like the way that we all learned something quick and fast and I like our instructor she was nice.

2. The only thing that I didn’t like was that I didn’t get my drive time earlier.


- Anonymous!

Lawren Henry:

Was very positive and kept the class well involved.

Needs more hands on activities.


- Anonymous!

I loved that my class mates were fun and that our teacher actually works at MVA.

To improve, we need to get cable so we don’t miss empire.


- Kayla

Friendly Driving School it’s good. As the name tells all are friendly.

One disadvantage is-   the correct answers for the quiz are not given at the end of the session.

There is no way of knowing the correct answers.


- Anonymous!

Your restroom needs improvement. More space in classroom.

Good teacher, <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


- Anonymous!

One good thing

-The way that Mrs. Brown teaches she’s very thoughtful.

One bad thing

-3 long hours of school…


- Anonymous!

I learned a lot from the teachers and the class was awesome.

Less videos from the 1990s


- Erin Johnson

I like my classmates.

I don’t like paying a dollar for a pen.


- Titeyonna Amadly


. We need snacks & more activities.


. I like the teacher and the environment.


- Anonymous!

One good thing I like about this school is that the teachers really love people.


A few bad things are that when you’re done all your work you must stay until the end. Another bad thing is that you have to pay for classes that you miss no matter the circumstances.

- Anonymous!

One thing I like the most about this school lessons are the fun people in the class, the berryless having the videos to inform us about driving as well as make time go faster, and the teachers sense of humor. What I don’t like is course finish early and having to do and unable to leave early.


- Anonymous!

I liked the atmosphere of the school.

I did not like the school vehicle of driving.


- Anonymous!

Can’t leave not even 2 minutes early.

Teachers stay on task& happy.

Staff is helpful and there when need.

Receptionist Mrs. Sonia is/was wonderful, smile in her voice and her face at all times.


- Anonymous!

Good things:

Person 1: the long breaks

Person 2: chill teacher


Bad things:

Person 1: really really long hours if we finish early.

Person 2: not & stuffy.


- Anonymous!



It feels love in here. Ms. Sonia and Mrs. Brown are so welcoming it’s not stuffy & uptight. I <3 it here





Sometimes it be hot!!!

But they turn on air conditioner so it’s cool.


- Anonymous!



MRS. Brown is a very good teacher I had a great time coming into the classroom and learning here.




Need more books in the classroom.


- Anonymous!


Friendly environment & stuff.



The duds.


- Anon


1-The “friendly” name matches the friendly people & workers in the school.



1-I fall asleep every day.


- Anonymous!

Good thing



Bad thing

1.TV too small/ one TV can’t see that well in the back.


- Anonymous!


-This school really teaches you the safety of the roads.



-Driving school too long.


- Anonymous!


Quick to get to.



Them old tapes.


- Danielle Green


Ms. Brown, Mrs. Sonia, and the consentlist and the way they taught.



Taxes on the prices.


- Cameron D. Wilder

1.The good thing is that it was a class of fun people and everyone did their fair work.

2.The bad thing is that when the work is over we can’t leave.


- Anonymous

January 13, 2016

To whom it may concern:

I found this registration in my car. When I looked at the address, I thought it was associated with friendly driving school.

Thank you for providing such excellent service. My daughter passed her driving test the first try.


Sincerely, Cecelia M. Amman